One Platform Powering Ecommerce Go-To Market Success
Solutions for Stores and Agencies to increase Ecommerce revenues and Connect through our Business Syndicate
StoreFilter is More than Just Data!
Scaling Ecommerce revenues through informed marketing decisions and connecting Stores to Solutions through our Business Syndicate.
100% Clients Strongly Endorse to Partners
Comprehensive Data Aggregation
From monthly website screenshots to social media analytics across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube
Customizable Reports: Enhance Analysis
Create precise competitor analysis reports, selecting relevant data points beyond social media analytics. Fine-tune your strategy with insights that matter most to your business
Technology Overview
Discover and integrate cutting-edge technologies for Shopify stores. Stay ahead in the e-commerce game by leveraging the latest tools and innovations
Exclusive Marketplace
Access a curated network of top-tier agencies and freelancers specializing in Shopify. From bespoke content creation to seamless store setup, find all the expertise you need in one place
Real Success Stories
Hear from our diverse client base, including prominent stores and agencies, about how StoreFilter has propelled their business to new heights
StoreFilter has provided me incredible insights I’ve never experienced all in one place before. The convenience, the centralized data and analytics, and ease of use are what set this platform apart! For anyone entering—or currently in —the e-commerce space, this tool will undoubtedly help you scale and provide the most useful insights, especially when researching competitors in your niche!
Katie Melissa

8-Figure Amazon Seller

Increase in productivity & 3x Increase in demos scheduled
Elevate Your Ecommerce Business with StoreFilter Solutions
Stores plan
Elevate Your E-commerce Strategy
Explore a wealth of data from Shopify stores, gain insights into competitor strategies, and leverage StoreFilter’s unique rating system for precise competitor analysis
Agency plan
Win New Clients with Our Outreach Plan + Marketing Analysis for Clients
Everything in the Stores Plan, PLUS Export Functions, Cold Outreach Solutions to Win New Clients, Reports, Deals Pipeline, and Feature Your Agency Solutions in our Marketplace.
StoreFilter is the collection of every dataset (we could find) from over 2 million Shopify stores, put into a filtered database that is searchable by our users.
Users can sign up for a subscription to StoreFilter and search through all our datasets that are updated weekly.
StoreFilter has data from over 2 million Shopify stores that includes: contact information, where the website is hosted, the technology used on the app, marketing metrics, social media posts, paid media, emails and so much more!
Of course! StoreFilter uses industry leading security technology and 256-bit encryption.
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Your In-Depth Exploration of the Pioneering E-commerce Analytics Tool That's Redefining Retail Strategies and Competitive Analysis
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